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Best Poker Rooms Top 5 Craziest Sports Bets Best Poker Rooms

5: Doria Tillier Gambles her Clothes

French stunner and weather presenter for La Grand Journal, Doria Tillier, made a pretty desperate bet after her national team lost their opening qualifier for the 2014 World Cup. Defeated, 2 – 0, by a much lower ranked Ukraine, things were not looking good for France.

Until, that is, our plucky heroine promised, on air, to do the weather forecast nude if her country qualified. Obviously, knowing her French audience well, the national squad got their act together and, on the second leg, came back to thrash the Ukrainians 3 – 0. The rest is history and a YouTube search.

4: Don’t Tase Me, Bro’

White trash American couple, Nicole and John Grant, like many spouses supported opposing teams. What would normally be a case of light hearted ribbing turned much more serious when Nicole’s Green Bay Packers went up against John’s Chicago Bears. So confident was she in her team’s prowess Nicole bet the loser should get tased.

Well, it wasn’t the Packer’s night and it certainly wasn’t Nicole’s. Having watched the game at a local bar they went outside and he tased her in the car park. Three times. Cops were called by an angry Nicole and while John escaped with a fine I doubt his marriage got off so easy.

3: Local Loser Wins Big on 25,000 to 1 Shot

Darren Yates was no one’s idea of a success. A compulsive gambler, with a failing business, had been making repeat bets on jockey, Frankie Dettori and had little to show for it. In fact, on ‘Champion’s Day’ in 1996 his wife had told him to ‘stop wasting money betting on that Frankie.’

Luckily for Darren, he didn’t listen and bet £67.58 that Dettori would win all seven races, each of them taking place on different mounts. The bookies put the odds of such a feat at 25,000 to 1 and were regretting it at the end of the day when Darren took home £550,823. The biggest loser though is his wife who probably never heard the end of it.

2:  30 Pence Bet Makes Roofer Rich

Mick Gibbs, a roofer from Staffordshire, in 2001 bet 30p on an insane 15-fold accumulator. To collect he had to pick the winning team for 15 football matches. The last match was Bayern Munich vs Valencia, I think it’s safe to say that when it went down to penalties there was one roofer without any fingernails left.

The odds of this all coming together a staggering 1 in 1,666,666  

Bayern, Mick’s team, won the trophy but Gibbs took home the gold collecting £500,000.

1: Yasuhiro Kubo Bets His Life

The award though for craziest bet goes to Yasuhiro. For us mere mortals, we get our thrills having a few spins on the live roulette wheel. Maybe bet a little too much on a hand of three-card poker but those things would probably put Yasuhiro into a boredom coma.

Mr Kubo is a ‘Banzai’ Skydiver. If you’re wondering what makes them different from regular sky divers it’s that these crazy bastards throw their parachutes out of the plane and then dive after it. They then have to catch it, put it back on and deploy it before becoming a nasty splat.

For Yasuhiro though that just wasn’t dangerous enough. Typical Banzai’s wait a few seconds before jumping out after their chute. Yasuhiro waited 50 SECONDS and then jumped after it.

There is no tragic end to this story, he caught his chute in time and gained himself a place in the record books. Crazy bastard.


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